This would be the location of where Morgan and his family came to, where they lived, where his wife died, a spot that he brought his colt home to, where this one of a kind colt roamed, worked and raced. It would be the location that marks the beginning of the Morgan Horse in Vermont.

Judge Frederick Griswold

In one of the articles Alan Thompson writes it states that the writer himself was standing at the foundation home site of what was once the log cabin home of Justin Morgan. He continued to say that the site was forty rods from the home of Judge Fredrick Griswold. This information prompted me to take a trip to the Vermont State Library where I was able to copy many of Thompson's articles for my own use. These articles were filled with much more information and it seemed that the relationship Morgan had with the Griswolds was through Judge Frederick Griswold. MORE ON JUDGE FREDERICK GRISWOLD.

Henry Walbridge

Captain Henry Walbridge was born in Stafford, Connecticut in 1738, the son of Amos and Theodia Porter Walbridge. A military man throughout his life, he served in the French Indian War as well as with the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He married his wife, Martha Read Walbridge in 1762 and had 8 children (Susannah, Oliver, Martha, Henry, Abigail, Levi, Amos and Rebecca). He cleared around 200 acres of land in the unbroken forest of Vermont and built a log cabin where he made his life. He died at 80 years old in Randolph, Vermont. MORE ON HENRY WALBRIDGE.

The January 23, 1885 Middlebury Register article by Alan Thompson

To read the 1885 article by Alan Thompson click on this link. 1885 MIDDLEBURY REGISTER

The Nov 7th 1908 Brattleboro New England Farmer article by Alan Thompson

To read the 1908 article by Alan Thompson click on this link. 1908 BRATTLEBORO NEW ENGLAND FARMER

The Griswold home in relationship to Justin Morgan's cabin.

This is a map showing the Griswold in relation to Morgan's cabin. Distance and location mapped out on Google Earth GOOGLE EARTH MAP GRISWOLD TO MORGAN.